The Complete Dip Swish & Swirl with Brush Cleanser

In this kit, you get everything you need to get started!  And at a discounted price.  This kit includes The Instant Color Change & Sanitizing Brush Cleaning Tank, One 8oz bottle of my Brush Cleaner as well as The Drying Mat.  A $45 value for $38.00.

The not so pretty part of applying makeup is having to clean your brushes. Most people don't clean them enough. Gross! FINALLY, a fast and convenient way to keep your expensive makeup brushes looking and performing like new! Miss Casanova makes it quick and easy for all Makeup Lovers to apply flawless, CLEAN makeup, FAST.  Why dirty all those brushes when you can use the same brush multiple times!  Keep your brushes clean and clear of nasty blemish causing bacteria.  Keep your brushes ready for your next application.  Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy!  

The Complete Dip Swish & Swirl

  • Miss Casanovas Dirty little secret serves two purposes. The first one is the instant color change sponge. The second step is a sanitizing system. Here's how it works. Step 1 During your makeup application, between makeup products, use the black sponge to brush off excess product from your brush for a faster application every time. Step Two After your makeup is complete, now it's time to sanitize! Take out the black hexagon sponge. Pour Miss Casanova's Brush Cleanser into the jar, about a quarter of an inch over the hexagon plastic mesh. Now it's time to Dip, Swish & Swirl! Dip your dirty makeup brush into the solution. Swish it around onto the plastic mesh and watch excess makeup and bacteria dissolve instantly. Remove brush from jar and swirl it around the reusable Drying Mat. Depending on the size of your brush, it will be ready to use within minutes. Stop nasty blemish causing bacteria from ruining your gorgeous makeup. Keep it sexy with Miss Casanova XO! How to Clean: Gently clean jar and all internal components with warm soapy water.