from a dream to reality...

When you spend your days applying makeup for television, film, personal clients as well as your own personal makeup, you learn very quickly that time is of the essence.  Likewise, efficiency is a hot commodity, which is why Los angeles Makeup Artist, Edica Casanova searched for a convenient way to instantly keep her makeup brushes clean and always ready for her next canvas.  Initially, she used the tried but not so true, age-old method of soiling multiple brushes in a single setting and waiting idly for them to dry.  Who has time for that? She certainly didn't, which is why she began to test ways to complete her lovely clients makeup in a more efficient way without spending money on brush cleaners that didn't really work, took too long to dry, and didn't smell so good.  A million paper towels later, Edica Casanova was fed up, and Miss Casanova's Dirty Little Secret began it's rise.


In search of a brush cleaning system that met these three factors: Convenience, Cleanliness and a Craving, Miss Casanova set out on what would soon become a life changing adventure.  She began to test her own methods with these three factors in mind.  After two years of testing methods and solutions, getting feedback from clients, and working fulltime she found a perfect combination.  Her Instant Color Change Sponge would allowed her to use the same brush on multiple products, multiple times in one makeup session.  Not long after she created her brush cleaning tank which housed her Instant Color Change Sponge as well as her Fast Drying Amazing Smelling Brush Cleanser. The only thing left to do was to create a drying Mat to eliminate the use of paper towels and Voila, Miss Casanova's Dirty Little Secret was born.  Now you can get multiple uses out of the same brush for a faster makeup application while instantly sanitizing your brushes much more conveniently and in a less wasteful manner.  It's as simple as a Dip, Swish & Swirl. Plus, it keeps your brushes smelling like a million bucks!